Environmentally Friendly Mausoleum Decorating

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If your loved one is placed in either a public or private mausoleum, then you likely want to decorate the space to commemorate your family member. If your loved one lived a natural or green lifestyle, then you should make sure that your decorations are environmentally friendly. You can easily do this, so follow the tips below.

Stay Away From Floral Foam

If you purchase a small floral arrangement to place in front of your loved one's mausoleum, then you may purchase a vase or container that contains floral foam. This green material is meant to hold water so that flowers can stay fresh for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, this material is made out of a form of plastic that is not biodegradable. The material also may contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. This means that the foam is very bad for the environment.

Use Sand Instead

If you want your floral arrangements to be more environmentally friendly, consider placing several inches of play sand at the bottom of your vase. Play sand is a natural type of sand that is rinsed and rounded so it can be used in play areas. The sand will hold water in between the grains to feed your flowers, and it will allow you to stand your blooms up in your vase.  

The sand is not only environmentally friendly, but it will weigh down your container appropriately so it will not tip over. When you wet the sand in your vase, just make sure to add enough water so that one or two inches sit above the sand. This will help to feed your flowers for a longer period of time.

Skip the Roses

If you decide to buy flowers from your local supermarket or flower store to adorn your loved one's mausoleum space, then you probably think that the flowers are environmentally friendly because they are natural. This is not true though. In fact, most of the flowers that are purchased in the United States are not grown in the country.

Most flowers are actually imported from countries that have warm climates all year round. Not only are fossil fuels burned to ship these flowers, but many different chemicals are used to keep the flowers fresh and healthy. Pesticides, fungus killers, and herbicides are all spread on the flowers when they are grown. Many of these chemicals are extremely hazardous. This means that you should not purchase roses and other flowers that are not grown in your area.  

Buy Local Flowers Instead

Instead of buying flowers that may have been imported from another country, buy flowers that have been grown locally. This is much more environmentally friendly. Look for a grower who sells organic flowers or find a greenhouse that both grows and sells cut flowers. You also should consider growing and cutting flowers from your own garden to place in front of your loved one's mausoleum space. Wild flowers are a good option as well, and cutting these flowers will have very little impact on the environment.

If an environmentally conscious family member passes away and a mausoleum is arranged for them, then make sure that the flowers you use to decorate the space are green. The information in this article can help you with this. Additionally, make sure you are following the rules and guidelines of the mausoleum. For more information you can contact the funeral or cemetery company, such as Catholic Cemeteries.