Tips For Avoiding Dental Problems This Summer

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Most people spend more time outside in the summer than they do any other time of year due to the warmer weather. But this opportunity also increases the chances of things like broken bones or a dental injury, due to the increase in participation in contact sports. People who swim a lot could also be at risk for problems. Here are a few ways to protect your mouth and your dental health while getting involved in outdoor activities so you don't end up at the dentist or in the office of a concussion or pain management specialist.

Avoid Using Your Head

Certain outdoor sports like soccer openly encourage the athlete to use their head to progress the ball down the field. But constantly having a soccer ball or another object flying at your face is a great way to put your teeth in danger, not to mention the possibility of a concussion. Be conscious of which body parts you are using when on the field. Winning the game isn't worth having a couple of teeth knocked out.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Make sure you are wearing the right kind of headgear for the sport you are playing. Sometimes a simple mouth guard might do the trick, but this might not protect the entire area around your mouth. Consider wearing a full helmet if you are playing football or hockey. You might stand out from the others that are playing, but no one will tease you when you are the only person who has avoided an injury to their head or mouth at the end of the season.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Plenty of adults and children alike enjoy a long day at the pool once in a while, or maybe even on a regular basis. The chemicals in chlorine can actually stain your teeth if you are subjected to them for a significant amount of time. Be sure to keep your mouth shut when going under water or if you are in the middle of a splash fight. A little contact won't hurt you, but if you are the type who spends hours doing laps, you want to make sure you prevent water from getting to your teeth.

Summer is a fun time that is likely to see you and your family getting out of the house more often to head to the local ball field or swimming pool for exciting activities. It's OK to get out and enjoy yourself--just make sure you are taking steps to protect your head, teeth and the rest of your body from injury. If you should sustain a dental injury while participating in an activity, contact your dentist or a pain management specialist like Florida Personal Injury Physicians immediately.