4 Ways To Prevent Your Computer From Damaging Your Eyes

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Computers are one of the great advances of the modern age. The advent of the computer has allowed us to communicate with people from all over the world and to share our ideas. Many of us depend on our computers to carry out our job. However, the computer can have damaging effects on your eyes, especially if you use it for long periods of time without giving your eyes a break.  There are some simple measures you can put in place to ensure that your vision is not damaged by spending hours at the computer.

Put Your Computer in the Correct Position

The way you position your computer directly affects how much strain is put on your eyes. The computer should be positioned in such a way that your eyes can easily focus on it. Positioning your computer for less strain on your eye is relatively easy. Make sure that you position the monitor so that your eyes are on the same level as the top of the monitor. This means that you should be looking down on the screen and not directly at it at any time.

Rest Your Eyes

The biggest danger to your eyes comes when you do not take breaks from the computer. Finding ways to take even short to medium length breaks from your computer will help to save your vision in the long run. Look away from the computer every 20 minutes for at least half a minute. Do not sit at your computer for longer than two hours without taking a break. A break of at least 15 minutes every two hours is often enough to help protect your eyes from damage.

Adjust Lighting

The computer screen and the lighting in the room should be about the same. This will help to reduce the amount of glare that comes from the screen. In the day, you should adjust your blinds or curtains so that the glare is minimal. At night, you should adjust standing and desk lamps so that the glare from the computer screen is reduced. You can also purchase an anti-glare screen for your computer.

Avoid Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can affect your vision. You can avoid dry eyes by blinking often while using the computer. You can also use a humidifier in the room to prevent your eyes from drying out. If you have extremely dry eyes you will need to visit your doctor who will prescribe eye drops that you can use throughout the day to prevent your eyes from drying out.

Protecting your vision while using your computer is very important. The earlier you start protecting your vision the less problems you will have in the long run. You might consider vision therapy at a place like Absolute Vision Care to test your vision's health status.