Using Foam Rollers To Relieve Lower Back Pain

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Foam rolling is a technique that can be used to relieve lower back pain. Foam rolling is done with a noodle-shaped foam roller. It is effective in dealing with lower back pain and is a self-myofascial technique. A self-myofascial technique is any procedure that you can do yourself that helps to soothe and relieve aches in the dense tissues that cover the muscles of the body. Healthy myofascial tissues are flexible and soft. Unhealthy myofascial tissue is tissue that has become inflamed. Inflamed myofascial tissue becomes very tight and movement is limited. This can cause pain in areas of the body that have been affected. Foam rolling has started to gain popularity and is now a part of the programs offered by many gyms.

How can foam rolling help you?

Foam rolling can have many benefits if you suffer from lower back pain. It will improve blood circulation to the muscles and lengthen and stretch tight muscles. Over a period of time you will find that the tightness in your muscles has decreased and that your range of motion will increase. This will help to ease your lower back pain. A foam roller will allow you to apply pressure to specific areas of the lower bask in order to relieve pain. Foam rollers come in various size and vary in thickness. The one you choose should be right for your height and body weight. Always test your foam roller before purchasing to see if you are comfortable with it,

How do I use my foam roller to relieve lower back pain?

You will first need to search for the tenderest areas of your lower back. These are the areas that you will use the foam roller on. You will need to control how much of your body weight you put on these areas when using your foam roller.

Here are four easy steps for using a foam roller to relieve lower back pain.

  1. Rest the foam roller on the floor and put the area of your lower back that is in pain on the roller.
  2. Pull your left up, towards your chest while hugging your left knee.
  3. Begin slowly rolling from side to side over the area being careful how much of your body weight you apply.
  4. Roll ten times for best results.

This exercise can be repeated several times. You can change the position of the foam roller to fit the area of the lower back that you are targeting. This means that a parallel or even perpendicular position may be best for you. Consult a chiropractor for more information.