3 Ways To Care For Skin On A Budget

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Taking care of your skin is vital to your overall health. Many people fail to properly care for their skin because they believe that it is too much work and too expensive. Although there are great, expensive products out there for your skin, you don't have to break the bank to get the healthy skin you want. Here are a couple simple ways to cleanse and hydrate your skin with common household items.

1. Instead of Expensive Facial Wash, Use Baby Soap

The key to good facial soap is finding something strong enough to cleanse the skin, but gentle enough not to dry it out or damage the skin. Baby wash is perfect for this. It is generally a soap-free solution, which is exactly what you want.

To use it, splash warm water on your face and then take the baby wash and massage it in circular motions around your face. Once it has become a good lather and you have cleaned every part of your face, use more warm water and rinse it off. It shouldn't hurt the eyes, and it should be great at cleansing the skin.

2. Instead of Exfoliate Cream, Use Vaseline and Sugar

Your skin benefits from being exfoliated often. Exfoliation is when you take off the dead layer of skin on the outermost part of your body. Then you hydrate the skin afterward. In order to do this, take some Vaseline and a spoonful of sugar and rub the sugar into the Vaseline to make a paste. Because the Vaseline isn't water based, it won't dissolve the sugar, but it will keep the paste grainy.

Rub the paste on parts of your body that have dry skin, your feet, hands, or any other places that seem to be dry. Once you have rubbed the paste, rinse it off with water and then either put more Vaseline on the area to keep it moist or your favorite lotion.

3. Put Coconut Oil Or Vaseline On Your Hands and Feet While You Sleep

If you suffer from extremely dry skin, you can put Vaseline or coconut oil on your hands and feet while you sleep. When you do this you trap the moisture in your skin so that it will hydrate the area and keep it smooth and moist. To get even better results, put socks or gloves on your feet and hands, respectively, while you sleep to really trap in the moisture.

By doing these things, you can have great skin without breaking the bank. 

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