3 DIY Remedies For A Spinal Compression Fracture

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Everyone gets aches and pains every once in a while. But if the pain you are feeling in your back has become chronic, it could be a sign that something else is going on, like a spinal compression fracture. If your doctor has recently given you this diagnosis, you likely have a few options in front of your including spinal compression surgery. But if you'd like to try and treat the problem without having an operation, here are three things you can try.

Get Some Rest, But Not Too Much

You should listen to your doctor's instructions at all times, but if you have been diagnosed with one or more spinal compression fractures, chances are good that your first order of business will be to simply give your back a break. Bed rest, for a short period of time, could lead to you feeling much better. Be careful not to lie around for too long, however, as this could actually cause your bones to weaken. Talk to your doctor about an appropriate amount of rest and go from there.

Wear a Back Brace

When a kid breaks his arm, he's usually given a cast to help hold his arm in place while it heals, right? Well, that's the same concept behind the back brace. With your doctor's help, you could get a back brace that will help take pressure off the area of your back that is causing the problem. By limiting your movement, you will be able to give the affected areas of your spine time to heal up.

Go to Rehab

Once the bed rest and/or back brace has you feeling better, your next step should be to take part in exercises that can strengthen your back so that this doesn't happen again. Ask your doctor if working with a physical therapist would be right for you. If a specific treatment program is not necessary, you can still rehab your back on your own time by taking up a new activity. Go for a walk or practice yoga every day, to keep your back stretched out. Just be careful not to overdo it with the exercise.

A spinal compression fracture can be quite painful and you'll likely want to do anything you can to ease the pain. But that doesn't mean you immediately jump on the operating table and undergo surgery to fix the problem. Some spinal compression fractures can be fixed with a combination of rest and support. Talk to your doctor today for more information. You can also visit websites like http://swfna.com.