Head To Your Local Urgent Care Center If Your Child Sustains These Sports Injuries

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When you're a parent of a young athlete, you should always have a plan for dealing with an incident in which your child is injured. While someone may call an ambulance for a serious injury, you'll more commonly find yourself in charge of taking your child for medical care. By identifying the best place to take an injured child in advance, you'll be able to remain calm despite the stress of the moment and ensure that your loved one gets the appropriate medical care as quickly as possible. You might immediately think about visiting the hospital, but your local urgent care center can provide many types of care. If your child sustains one of these sports-related injuries, urgent care is your best bet.

Broken Bone

A child can break a bone in just about every type of sport. Sometimes, a child's broken bone will be evident. In other cases, the young athlete may be complaining of a deep pain that could indicate that he or she has broken a bone. In either scenario, a trip to the nearest urgent care facility is the right move. On-site doctors and other medical practitioners can X-ray limbs to determine if any bones are broken, as well as give the patient a cast or a splint and provide some care tips for the weeks during which this apparatus will need to be worn.


Although broken bones might be more common in sports than lacerations, the latter can occur in a variety of ways. This injury can be prevalent in blade sports such as ice hockey and figure skating, but it can also take place in other activities. For example, a child playing baseball could get his or her skin sliced by another player's cleats during a collision, or even get cut on the chain link fence that surrounds the field. Your local urgent care facility can clean the laceration to ensure that it doesn't get infected, as well as stitch and/or bandage the wound for your child.

Suspected Concussion

Sports-related head injuries are perhaps more of a concern today than ever, which means that if your child is complaining of symptoms that are indicative of a concussion — blurry vision, headaches, and nausea — you'll want to get him or her to an urgent care center right away. An urgent care physician will assess your child's condition by asking him or her a series of questions and conducting a physical examination, but will also give you information on how to care for your child if he or she does indeed have a suspected concussion. If necessary, the doctor can send your child for any appropriate testing.