5 Benefits Of Living In An Independent Living Community

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The time comes in many senior citizens' lives where living alone and maintaining a house becomes a hassle. In many cases, these people are still healthy and don't need assistance with daily activities, so an assisted living home or nursing home is not the best option. Independent living communities have become increasingly popular with senior citizens who are ready to move on from owning a home and want to live among other people of similar ages. There are a number of benefits to living in an independent living community, such as:

Variety of Housing Options

Most independent living communities consist of individual apartments or town homes, although some may also have small stand alone homes. These housing options are designed with senior citizens in mind, so the layout makes it easy for a senior citizen to get around. 

All Inclusive Pricing

The monthly cost of living in an independent living community includes all utilities, such as water, electricity, trash pick up, and snow removal. Many independent living communities also include cable and internet services in their price. A lot of independent living communities also offer meal plans, so a resident can opt to eat all of his or her meals at the community's dining room.

Maintenance Free

When a senior citizen lives at an independent living community, he or she will never have to worry about taking care of maintenance or repairs. The fee paid to live in an independent living community includes all indoor and outdoor maintenance for a person's home, as well as the upkeep of the common areas. If repairs are needed, all a resident has to do is put in a service request.

Opportunities for Socialization

One of the great things about independent living communities is the fact that they offer a lot of activities and opportunities for socialization. Most independent living communities have clubs, interest groups, excursions, and regular gatherings so senior citizens living in the community can stay busy and form friendships with other residents. 

Emergency Call System and 24/7 Assistance Available

While the residents of an independent living community do not need direct care on a daily basis, they still may need assistance from time to time. Independent living communities include an emergency call system in each home so a resident can quickly get help if needed. The call system is monitored around the clock, so residents and their families can have the peace of mind of knowing that help is always available. 

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