3 Reasons To Add A Portable Ultrasound Machine To Your Office

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As a medical professional, you strive to provide your patients with a superior experience during their appointments. One way to enhance the patient experience is to add a portable ultrasound machine to your office. Whether you need to replace an existing ultrasound machine or need to expand your existing medical equipment, a portable ultrasound machine has a place in your office for the following reasons.

1. Portable Ultrasound Machines are More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Ultrasound Machines

One of the downsides to having a traditional ultrasound machine is that this is an expensive piece of equipment. Though patients do find it convenient when their medical professionals have an in-house ultrasound machine, they have to shoulder the high costs associated with the machine. High overhead costs contribute to rising medical expenses.

Help keep medical care as affordable as possible for your patients by instead opting for a portable ultrasound machine. Portable ultrasound machines are cheaper than their conventional counterparts, and you can pass this savings on to your patients. 

2. You Can Provide a Speedy Diagnosis

Another benefit of a portable ultrasound machine is that it permits you to provide a diagnosis much more rapidly than if you have a traditional ultrasound machine. With a traditional ultrasound machine, you may have to book the machine several days or even weeks in advance. If your patient comes in with an issue that needs to be reviewed immediately, you will have to work the patient in between other patients who have scheduled appointments. 

With a portable ultrasound machine, you examine the patient at the initial appointment and render a diagnosis. Patients will find this much more satisfactory than having to wait for a scan or even having to return in a few days for another appointment. 

3. A Portable Ultrasound Machine Makes it Easier to Explain Your Patient's Illness

It is important for patients to receive as much information as possible about an injury or illness. A portable ultrasound machine is an excellent addition to ensure that patients understand their ailments. You can bring the machine into the appointment room and position it in a way that it makes it easy to educate the patient. Since you don't have to book an ultrasound room, you can take the time to be thorough and ensure that your patients receive the education they deserve,

For example, assume you have a female patient suffering from abdominal pain. You bring the ultrasound machine in and scan the ovaries, only to find that she suffers from ovarian cysts. Thanks to the ultrasound machine, you show her exactly where the cysts are and explain why they are causing her so much pain. For more information, you can learn more here!