How to Talk to Mom or Dad About Them Getting More Help in the Home

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When you find yourself trying to take care of your aging parent living at home alone in between driving your children to school and practice, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. Even when your mom or dad just needs a little help with the cooking and laundry, trying to take care of everything is a big job. While you may know that your mom or dad would benefit from the help of a home healthcare agency, they may be resistant to the care because you are already doing the work.

When you are not able to keep up with the demands of your day to day life, it's time to see how a home healthcare agency can ease some of your burdens.

Your Loved One's Basic Needs Are Met

You can spend time with your mom or dad without running around doing chores. A home healthcare agency employee will make sure that the laundry is done and that they have the food they need to eat for the week. While you can take your mom or dad to important medical appointments, having another person do basic chores is going to free up some of your time. You will know that someone is there to help you take care of your loved one as needed.

Discuss the Need for Help

Your loved one wants to see you, and this can be a big deterrent to setting up help from a home healthcare agency. Remind your parent that you will still be able to go out together, and enjoy each other's company. Discuss the need for someone to come in and take care of the work that you are not able to manage. It may help to tell your parent that you would rather have fun with them than spend time doing their laundry.

Talk About Independence

When your parent has a healthcare provider helping them in the home, they are more independent from you. If your parent doesn't want to be a burden, it is good to point out that they can maintain some independence from you without missing out on the help they need from a caretaker. Your parent will be able to remain at home longer if they have the right services in place.

Your parent may be hesitant to get help in the home. Discuss your concerns, and give your parent time to talk about theirs. You can get help in the home from a home healthcare agency, but you may need to convince mom or dad that it's time.