3 Scary Signs Of Excess Nasal Drainage In Children Due To Allergies

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Children often don't have the communication skills to let you know what it is that they are feeling, so when they speak up about certain problems, things can sound pretty scary as a parent. Take a look at some of the scary symptoms your child may proclaim that could point to something simple like excess nasal drainage due to allergies. 

Your child has a constant wet cough. 

Cough that produces sputum or mucus can be alarming because people often associate this with excess mucus in the lungs and conditions like pneumonia or infections. However, if there is a lot of drainage from the sinus cavities due to allergies, your child may also cough more than usual and often produce phlegm when they do. If your child is experiencing a consistent wet cough, it is important to take them to a family medical care center, of course, but rest assured that allergies could very well be the problem. 

Your child complains of being short of breath. 

If there is a lot of drainage spilling down from the sinus cavity into the throat, it can make it feel like something is blocking the airway when you try to breathe. While you may be able to describe this sensation and may even know what it feels like, children often do not know. They may simply tell you that they are having a hard time when they breathe or feel like they are experiencing shortness of breath. Not only can this make it feel like they are having a hard time breathing, but other allergy symptoms combined with this issue can also exacerbate the problem. 

Your child complains that they have an odd sensation in their throat. 

When there is excess drainage coming down from the sinuses and into the bronchial areas, it can collect right at the base of the throat, which can create a really uncomfortable sensation. Your little one may tell you that they feel like something is stuck in their throat that they can't get out, which is a scary thing to hear as a parent. Through a proper examination by a doctor, the drainage is easily visible, however, so it should only take a quick check to make sure nothing more serious is going on. 

Allergies in children can come along with a full list of symptoms, and nasal drainage is just one of them. Thankfully, this condition tends to be easy to treat with medications. Reach out to the family medical center in your area for an appointment.