5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Hearing Aid Working Well

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Your hearing aids help you stay connected with the world around you, and they can be a considerable investment. To protect the hearing aids you have, there are a few general rules you can remember about taking care of your units.

1. Be careful with health and beauty products. 

If you use things like hairspray, lotion, or even body spray, you do have to be careful with your hearing aids. Some of the particles from these health and beauty products can easily make their way into your hearing aid and cause some problems. It can be a good idea to only use spray products when you do not have your aids in your ears and to never handle your hearing aid when you've been handling lotion or cosmetics unless your hands have been thoroughly washed and dried. 

2. Use a dehumidifier in your home. 

If there tends to be a lot of moisture in your home, all that moisture can wreak havoc on your hearing aids. Running a small dehumidifier can really help prevent undue moisture from making its way into your aids and shortening their life spans. 

3. Remove the batteries before you go to bed.

Taking the batteries out of your hearing aids before bed can serve a few purposes. One, the inside of the aid is more likely to dry out due to good airflow if the batteries are removed. Second, taking batteries out at night can prevent accidental power-on and save the life of the batteries. Simply make it a habit of taking the batteries out of the hearing aids before you place them in their holding case at bedtime. 

4. Learn how to do a general hearing aid maintenance process at home. 

You can do a lot for your hearing aids by doing routine maintenance at home. This routine maintenance will involve wiping down all the parts and using a cleaning solution to remove any earwax or dirt particles. Check with your owner's manual to find out what routine hearing aid maintenance you can do at home. 

5. Have your hearing aid professionally cleaned and checked a few times a year. 

Hearing aid maintenance at home is good, but you should also have your aids professionally cleaned a few times a year. During this thorough cleaning, the professionals will use special tools and solutions to really get in there and clear out any contaminants that may be present. 

For more information, contact a hearing aid maintenance service.