Get A Domestic Violence Expert Witness To Examine Your Injuries And Obtain The Evidence You Need

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Were you harmed or injured in some way after an argument with someone close to you? Domestic violence can be ugly, but hopefully, you are now on the path to getting the medical help you need to recover as well as the legal help necessary to move on with your life. If the person that hurt you intends to contest your allegations, you may need to obtain evidence, including expert testimony regarding your injuries. Here's how seeking a domestic violence expert witness consultation can help you in this situation.

A Domestic Violence Expert Can Make It Clear How an Injury or Bruise Occurred

When someone is punched, kicked, slapped or otherwise harmed by an attacker striking them, the victim may be left with bruises, broken bones or worse. Domestic violence experts are used to reviewing the ugly evidence that can result following an incident like this. They'll be able to give their opinion that the bruises or other medical injuries were clearly caused by someone punching or hitting the victim. This will help you maintain control of the narrative and push back against any claims that you "fell" or are otherwise responsible for injuring yourself.

An Expert at Examining Injuries Caused By Domestic Violence Can Help You Get the Restraining Order You Are Seeking

Right now, your top priority might be making sure that what happened to you does not happen again. You can begin this process by seeking a restraining order against the person that hurt you. Having expert witness testimony on your side can help make your case that a restraining order or other action needs to happen as soon as possible.

A Consultation With a Domestic Violence Expert Will Be Discreet and Sensitive to Your Situation

Talking about what happened to you following a domestic violence assault can be difficult or emotional. Domestic violence expert witnesses know how to assess your current medical state and use what they see to help you with your case, but these experts also understand that it's a delicate situation and will be sensitive to your needs. You can speak freely during a consultation either by yourself or with a lawyer at your side and begin the process of getting expert testimony to help you move on to the next phase of your life.

Domestic violence injuries can be ugly, but what happened to you can be documented and then used as evidence against your attacker. Reach out directly or have your attorney contact a domestic violence expert witness today to schedule a consultation.