Your First Dispensary Visit As A Medical Card Holder

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Getting your medical marijuana card is an exciting event! But do you know what's even more exciting? Your first marijuana dispensary trip. Whether or not you've used cannabis recreationally in the past, visiting a dispensary with your medical card for the first time is an experience that should make you feel cared for and supported along your health journey. Here are some tips to ensure the visit is as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Go early in the day.

Most dispensaries receive a limited amount of stock each day. When they sell out of something, they are out until the next day. So, the earlier in the day you visit, the better. You'll have a better selection. Budtenders also tend to be less busy in the morning since many people are at work and won't be stopping in until later. As such, if you shop in the morning, you'll be better able to receive advice from a budtender, which is a great idea during your first visit.

Ask for recommendations.

Medical marijuana cards just give you permission to buy and use marijuana. They don't tell you which strains are best for your condition, how much to use, or any other details. For that sort of information, you really want to talk to a budtender. Tell them as much about your condition as you're comfortable sharing, and also tell them what you hope to get out of your cannabis. Are you seeking relaxation? Is pain relief your main objective? Once they know what's ailing you, the budtenders can recommend the strains and products best suited to your needs.

Check state limits beforehand.

In most states, there are limits as to how much cannabis you can buy at once, even with a medical card. Check to see what these limits are before you visit the dispensary. This way, you can make sure to plan your purchases within the limits. You won't reach the cash register and be dismayed to learn you've selected more products than you can legally buy.

Be open.

The world of medical marijuana is always changing. New products are popping up all the time, and researchers are learning more about the terpenes and cannabinoids that have therapeutic effects. So, even if you have a specific product or strain in mind, make sure you visit the dispensary with an open mind. Be prepared to learn and explore; you may find products that you didn't even know existed.

Medical marijuana has been life-changing for so many people. Once you give it a try, you'll gain even more appreciation for its benefits