It Is Important To Make Sure Your Hearing Aid Is Fitted Correctly

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When you have a hard time hearing, you should go get your hearing tested. Getting your hearing tested will let you know if you are losing your hearing, how much you have lost, and in what ranges you have lost your hearing. If you have lost some hearing, then the doctor might suggest that you get hearing aids. If you are going to get hearing aids, then you are going to need to get fitted for them. The reason to get fitted for hearing aids is that they are going to be something that you wear regularly, so you want them to fit comfortably and properly. So, what is the fitting process like?

Probe Tube

The first part of the fitting process is for the audiologist fitting your hearing aids is to put a very thin tube inside your ear, laying it next to your eardrum. The audiologist will play certain sounds so that they can see how your eardrum reacts. Then, they will start trying out different hearing aids with that tube still there so that they can see how your eardrum and hearing react with the hearing aid in. Different brands of hearing aids are going to react differently on different people, so you will need to try out different makes and models to find out which one will give you the biggest range of hearing. This will also allow the audiologist to balance the hearing aid when you find the right one. 


If you need to have a custom hearing aid, which is possible if none of the hearing aids the audiologist has work well for you, then the audiologist is going to use a molding material in order to cast a mold of your ear. The reason to do this is that the hearing aid will fit exactly in your ear and be comfortable for several hours of continuous wear. It may take a few days for the custom hearing aid to come in, but it should be worth it. 

If you are losing your hearing, there are a lot of things that you can do to help yourself. One of them is to get your hearing tested. You may need to get a hearing aid to help deal with your hearing loss. If you do get one, you are going to have to be fitted so that you know that the hearing aid will help you hear and that it will be as comfortable as possible. 

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